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America Will Be Just Fine

America has elected Barack Obama her first African American president. In so doing, she has proven that she has the fortitude to experiment with novel approaches, that she remains true to her vaunted pragmatism. The key to Obama’s success will lie in his eclecticism–his capacity to draw from the best features of past administrations, from the rich expression of ideas by the best and brightest he surrounds himself with, and his ability to morph it all into a new paradigm for action, whereby America ends up enriched.

The Republican Convention: Three Nights of Political Orgy

The 2008 Republican Convention struck both for its historicity and its oddities. Its aim was to draw a sharp contrast between John McCain and Barack Obama. Unfortunately, its heavy bashing of the Democratic nominee left no room for a healthy discussion of issues of importance to the American electorate. A missed opportunity for the Republicans.

A Train Ride to the Workplace

Commuting to work is usually uneventful… except when the woman in the adjacent seat receives a phone call from her daughter’s high school.

It Does Come Down To Judgment

The 2008 presidential race has never been about experience. It has always been about foresight and judgment. On making his first executive decision, John McCain has once more shown how deficient his judgment is. Obama should take advantage of such deficiency and modify his campaign slogan to: “Change You Can Count On! Judgment To Lead and Bring in the Change!”

Obama Can Put The Game Away… And Should!

Obama’s winning streak in February came to a halt in March with Hillary’s twin victories in Texas and Ohio. As the odds of winning the Democratic nomination are increasingly against her, Hillary vows to take the race to the Convention in Denver. For Obama, the “fierce urgency of now” is upon him. He must show how badly he wants this nomination and close the deal.

Sorry, Ray, You Got To Go!

This is a tale of a firing, where conflicting issues of allegiance and loyalty were tested in a scheme of Machiavellian proportions. Ray’s firing exemplifies this old Haitian adage, “God’s pencil has no eraser!” Once the firing decision has been made, there is little the victim can do to elude his/her fate: that decision shall not be retracted except for extraordinary circumstances. (Originally published January 6, 2007.)

Echoes of a Send-off

A business send-off took a whole new twist and touched on existential issues when the juke box played a Bob Marley song.

Saved By The Tears–Hillary’s New Hampshire Epiphany

What Bill Clinton’s magic, negative campaigning, and Hillary’s much vaunted experience could not do, the tears did: tame Obama’s rushing waves. Will Hillary Clinton take advantage of her surprising win in New Hampshire to refocus her campaign? (Originally published on 1/18/08.)

The 2008 Presidential Election–A Race within a Race

Affirmative Action is changing the face of American politics. The Democratic race features three talented offsprings of Affirmative Action, among them two heavyweights (Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama) capable of electrifying the electorate. The hope is that this contest elevates the scene of American politics to the higher ground of civility, decency and authenticity, and marks a departure from the circus of platitudes, gratuitous bashing that has characterized presidential politics thus far.
(Originally published 3/23/07.)