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Haiti’s Woes Have Nothing to Do with Bois-Caïman

“Ignorance is the mother of all evils,” Francois Rabelais, the French Renaissance writer, once said. This quote immediately came to my mind when Reverend Pat Robertson made a derogatory comment about Haiti on January 12, 2010 as she was under the hecatomb caused by an earthquake of a 7.0 magnitude on the Richter’s scale. Haiti was being punished—I am paraphrasing Robertson—for having entered into a pact with the Devil in order to win her Independence from France on January 1,Read More…

The Corporate Arena: No Place for Faintness of Heart or Naïveté

This is an anecdotal account of my experience with three marking figures of this workplace: The audacious, the crafty, and the tragic. Harsh are the realities of the corporate world, where naivete can be a deadly sin.

¡Usted, Ladrón! (You, Thief!)

While I was pursuing graduate studies at Roosevelt University in Chicago, I was a part-time “cabby.” As such, I saw up close the noble as well as the infamous side of human nature. It was quite an experience.

Barack Obama Re-Elected President—The Anatomy of Mitt Romney’s Defeat

After their unsuccessful bid for the White House in 2008 by then-Senator Barack Obama,the Republicans were expected to learn from their loss and, accordingly, craft a successful strategy for 2012. Yet they suffered another defeat at the hand of President Obama. Did the Republicans learn the right lessons from 2008? While they achieved some notable tactical successes, what stood in the way? This article attempts to examine the Republicans’ and Governor Romney’s 2012 strategy and the focus of their unsuccessful campaign.

Mr. President, It’s All About Respect!

For Barack Obama, bi-partisanship proves to be an elusive notion when it comes to dealing with Republicans in Congress. In its name, he endured their unwillingness to cooperate time and again. Yet he remains committed to its pursuit. Is it naïveté or die-hard optimism on his part? It takes two to tango. But, does he have a partner?

Osama bin Laden Is Dead–What’s Next for President Obama?

Only a couple of months after the death of Osama bin Laden, the significance of this event has dropped from the political discourse. Will President Obama let this key accomplishment of his fade away? Will he pivot from it to achieve much needed domestic successes?

The 2010 Midterm Elections, a Referendum on Obama?

The Obama Administration enjoyed many sweeping and enduring legislative successes in its first twenty months in the White House. Such a record should have elevated our 44th President to the firmament of American politics. Yet, President Obama draws the ire of many groups, including elements from his own Party. Puzzling, indeed. This article sets the record straight.

Réflexions d’un Ancien du Petit Séminaire Collège St Martial

This is a piece I wrote in French as a tribute to my old teachers in Haiti, Les Pères du Saint-Esprit (Fathers of the Holy Spirit Congregation.) They presided over a school that could be labeled the Phillips Exeter Academy of Haiti.

Who Wouldn’t Want Healthcare Reform?

Something is wrong when the richest country on earth has a health index that rivals that of Third World countries. The state of our healthcare delivery system calls for urgent reform. The paradox is that those who so forcefully vocalize their opposition to reform are the very ones who stand to benefit from it. This demonstrates the power of misinformation and ideology when expertly used by professional opinion manipulators.

Nostalgic of the Bush/Cheney Era

This is a response to an article featured on June 19, 2009 in Qando.net titled “An Example Of Why I Consider The Obama Administration “Naive”.” The author labeled President Obama’s performance on Iran as “underwhelming”. My piece triggered a flurry of pointed responses from fellow commentators. I found myself caught in a conservative web, which I had to fight my way out of.